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Royal Selangor

Posted in Toys & Gifts


Music Carousel: Blustery Days

Part of the Disney Showcase Collection, this music box is beautifully crafted.

The scene is taken from the story “Surrounded by Water.” It rained very heavily and the Hundred Acre Wood was flooded. Pooh and Christopher Robin came to the rescue of stranded Piglet on an upturned umbrella. The Music Carousel is in the shape of an umbrella bobbing on the floodwaters th Pooh and his friends inside it.


Trinket Box: The Best Armchair

This cherished trinket box depicts Winnie the Pooh and his best friend Piglet all snug, sleeping on his armchair.

But lift Pooh and Piglet up from the armchair and a small compartment is revealed, ideal for storing all your little trinkets. This endearing trinket box was inspired by the classic Pooh tale in which Pooh goes out in search of Piglet, only to find him sitting in Pooh’s best armchair upon his return.

Tooth Box: Think, think, think

This exquisitely crafted tooth box depicts Pooh sitting on the lid of his “hunny” jar, looking very contemplative indeed. “Oh bother.”

Inspired by the events in “Eeyore has a Birthday.” When Pooh accidently ate his honey birthday present to Eeyore he tried to think what he could give him now that there was no honey left. In the end he gave Eeyore the empty pot for him to put things in. The pot was a gift in-itself!

Meal Time Baby Cutlery Set

Adorable set of baby cutlery, featuring an intricately sculptured bear on both the fork and spoon.

Attention to detail in craftsmanship and detailing, the set is a great gift idea to add to the toddler’s first dining collection.